Celebrate the Ancestral Women!

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Louisa Leonard West

By Dorothy Abrams

This is Mother’s Night in the Norse Pagan calendar, the night before Winter Solstice. Celebrate your ancestral mothers. Remember who they are.

You may have heard about my great grandmother Louisa Leonard West a hundred times, or not at all. She was my first spirit guide. She spoke to me from her picture hanging at the foot of my sofa where I was napping. Her face changed. Her dress changed. Her hair changed. I learned over time these changes were the faces of other women in my lineage and hers. She brought them through to me.

Then I learned in a past life I had been her best friend growing up until a year or so before Louisa’s marriage I fell through the ice and drowned. I had been visiting an older women in the woods who taught me tarot, tea leaf reading, respect for the nature spirits, healing and magic. She turned out to be Lydia, my friend and teacher in this life.

So on Mother’s Night 2017 I honor Louisa and the woman who taught her tea leaves my friend Lydia. I honor Louisa’s daughter Lulu Pearl West Russell, my grandmother. I honor Dorothy Pearl Russell Abrams, my mother. These women brought me the magic of living authentically. I brought them retroactive healing from asthma and allergies, though we are still all working on it.

Communication with the Ancestors is a two way radio. We speak and so do they. Listen to their wisdom. Ask them questions. Love them. They love you even though you never met some of them. And on my father’s side of the family, I honor my grandmother Ina Louise Lyon Abrams and Laura Eloise Parkman Lyon. They brought me strength of will and persistence. They are women who would not be tricked or defied. If you dared fool them, as my grandfather did, you paid for it all your life. And if the two of them butted heads, it was time to leave the room. I don’t often credit Ina and Laura with my stubborn streak, but I should. Their life theme was “And she persisted.”

So collect the names of your mothers and grandmothers tonight and light a candle. Call their names and ask the teachings they bring. Listen. None of the ancestors like to be brushed off. They won’t accept your excuses. And they surely won’t put up with procrastination.

There’s more about celebrating Mother’s Night from me on the Moon Books Blog.

Mother’s Night: Listen!

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