A Story of the Yule GiveAway

by Dorothy Anemone:

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One of the first GiveAway blankets I remember at the Web, was on a cold winter night in Cortland County. A local woman took a chance on an announcement she’d seen and joined us for the first time, a single unwrapped gift in hand. When it was time to meditate on the unwrapped gifts displayed in front of us, she took a book on interpreting dreams. The rest of us had brought 3 or more gifts and took as much as we recognized as mean for us. There were still half a dozen gifts left on the blanket. A pen, a notebook, a travel alarm, and three others. They might have been a dream catcher, dream cards, crystals, incense, oils and a calendar. I don’t remember the details. We all looked at them and then at her.

pexels-photo-279467 dream catcher




Someone said “these are all yours.”


She looked aghast. She had only brought one and was new. We encouraged her. The pen and notebook were to record dreams. The clock was to awaken at a time in the night when she might be dreaming. Other things were to promote dreaming and remembering dreams. They all fit together.





Reluctantly she accepted the gifts with our blessing/insistence. She couldn’t imagine the generosity of strangers to a very shy woman who had only sort of confessed she was looking for help in understanding dreams.







The GiveAway Blanket does many things for us at Yule. One of them is accepting that our needs and wants are known to the Spirits and can be answered in surprising ways. It is an exercise in faith that the right hand will find the right gift. It is a step in our own growth to know what we need will be there, even when we don’t know we need it. Not everyone looking for help with dreaming would think of an alarm clock.

This Yule 2017 will be celebrated at the Web in Lyons on December 23rd. We will each bring 3 gifts. We will then each take 3 gifts. No one knows what they will be. Trusting the spirit to take our favorite things and put them in the right hands is the essence of the Yule season. Give and let it be returned.