Web Annual Dinner 11/5/17: 2017 Trustees!

We had a fine time at the Deer Head Lakeside Restaurant & Bar Sunday. This is an yearly turnkey and all the trimmings feast, raffle and a little annual business.  I want to introduce your newly elected members of the Council of Trustees.

First Dorothy Abrams was re-elected for another 2 year term. You know her as Anemone and Webweaver. She is the author of Identity and the Quartered Circle, one of the Web’s founders and teachers. She is married to Merlin and they live in Clyde at the home of many cats.

Missy Goodsell is a new member of the Council. She has been with us for years initiated in all 4 levels of Web Wicca. She lives in Hannibal. She is a healer, artist and contributor to Sacred Sex and Magick and to iPagan.

Mary Moon is re elected after a few years rest and recreation. She is a former treasurer and former chair of the Web. She is an initiate of all 4 levels of Web Wicca, a healer and our chief Reiki Master and Teacher. Mary lives in Wolcott.  She also is a contributor to Sacred Sex and Magick.

Diane Van Norman is re elected after a couple years r and r though she has been attending some of the council meetings as a past chair. Diane lives in Lyons. She also is a Reiki Master, healer and initiate of all 4 levels of Web Wicca. She is one of our key teachers for Wicca I and a contributor to Sacred Sex and Magick.

Ron Gates is a new councilor and fairly new to the Web. He has years of experience with other groups including Angel Heart and online education in witchcraft and wicca. Ron lives in Lyons. He has been one of those people who is fully committed to the ceremonies and is there every time the door is open.

Michaelene Wojkowski is a new councilor who has been attending Council meetings regularly as a Web voting member. She finds her way to us through Buddhism and is quick to identify the similarities. She runs a cat grooming business in Lyons where she lives.

Paul Baldwin, Ravija, and Zatira continue in their terms as councilors. We are all meeting November 21st 2017 at noon for orientation, selection of officers and goal setting. Note because the Web PATH Center is set up to form pagan pathways for the 21st century, we do something differently. The Council makes every attempt to work by consensus instead of majority vote. The trustees select their leaders from among themselves as a group of peers. To conform to state law and bylaws based on that we have a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. Elly Keyel who has been our treasurer for a long time will work with us as a chief financial officer but will not be on the Council because she has far exceeded her term limits. She deserves a break!!

Also leaving us this year are Flow, Cindy, and Ken. We thank them for their hard work and commitment to the Web and celebrate their decisions to work from within the ranks as members.  Love to all of you.

And for the rest of you readers, come out and get involved. Our next group Web planning meeting is January 1st 2018 when we set the schedule for the year. Draw sabbats and esabats out of a hat and be a ritualist for next year. That’s what we usually do, letting the Goddesses decide who leads what over the calendar year. It’s always exciting to see who gets what!